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Philippe Yvin

Chairman of the Board, Société du Grand Paris

Before being appointed as Chairman of the Executive Board of the Société du Grand Paris in 2014, Philippe Yvin served as Advisor to the French Prime Minister on local authorities and decentralisation (2014-2014). He also served as Secretary General of the National Council of Cities (1989-1990) and was Director of Delinquency Prevention at the Inter-Ministerial Delegation for the City’s Urban and Social Development (1990-1991). Prior to taking up his position as Chief of the Civilian Cabinet of the Minister of Defence (1997-1998) and Director of the Cabinet of the City’s Delegate (1989-2002) he also served as Secretary General of the Prefecture of Haute-Corse (1993-1995) and as Head of the Prefect's Office in Essonne (1995-1997). He was appointed as Secretary General of the Commission for the preparation of the Environmental Charter in 2003, before heading the French departments of Oise (2004-2008) and Seine-Saint-Denis (2008-2012).