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French Ministry in charge of Transport

The French Ministry in charge of transport is fully engaged in sustainable development and energy transition, promoting environmentally friendly, innovative and smart transport modes and shared uses.
It supports transport infrastructures intermodal planning, taking into consideration all direct and indirect effects on the environment, the economy, and the territories. 
It encourages maritime transport that favours economic development and respects biodiversity.
The Ministry ensures a high level of reliability, security and safety in transport.

It implements suitable and modernised state supervision of the public institutions and companies within its scope of competence, and works along with local authorities.

Among the main objectives:
- Developping and implementing mobility management policies
- Encouraging low emissions vehicles and alternative fuels
- Optimising use of existing vehicles and transport networks
- Improving modal shift towards low emissions modes (rail, public transport, active modes, waterways)
- Supporting collaborative transport modes (car sharing, car pooling, digital services)
- Supporting innovation in digital transport, in particular in automated and connected driving.