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Data accessibility is not enough anymore. Organisations need to be recognised for what distinguishes them from their competitors. They need good ideas. Good ideas worth developing, connecting and implementing. They need continuous information about recent trends in mobility. And they need a strong connection with relevant companies, public partners and decision-makers. They need a place to start the dialogue between even the biggest competitors and to share ideas in a trusted environment.

This is Connekt.

Connekt is a network that inspires interaction and innovation. A personal, public private and trusted environment. Connekt is the place where new ideas are engendered, discussed with colleagues and implemented together. The connection with more than 400 members in mobility and logistics does not only facilitate better but also faster decisions.

Connektmembers work for Smart, Sustainable and Social Mobility.

The advantages of the Connekt membership:

-Developing your network with professional contacts from the sector, through participation  in network events and study trips, nationally as well as internationally

-Access to information about the most recent trends and expertise in the field of mobility, logistics and ITS

-Access to knowledge of the Connekt expert committees and platforms

-A dedicated team of experts, ready to answer all your questions

-Free access to the community for sustainable mobility and logistics: Lean and Green

Nico Anten, Connekt