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Session Recordings
Opening Plenary: Full session recording
Public and stakeholder participation in transport planning and policy making: Full recording
Decarbonising Transport: Full session recording
ITF Outlook: Full session recording
High Capacity Transport: Full session recording
Public-private co-operation for data sharing: Full session recording
Kevin Webb, Open Transport Partnership
UN Sustainable Development Goals: Full session recording
Madeline Zhu, WhereIsMyTransport: Transport Innovation Talk
Oliver Evans, Matternet - Stefan Maurer Mercedes-Benz Vans
Governance of major passenger transport hubs: Full recording
New business models in transport: Full recording
Governance of gateways and corridors: Full recording
Plenary: Governance of urban access: Full recording
Impacts of Driverless Trucks: Press Conference
Open Ministerial: Full recording
Plenary - Better governance for investment in transport infrastructure: Full recording
Governance of major passenger transport hubs
Transport innovation talks: Full Recording
Interviews & Highlights
The right regulation for automated and autonomous driving: Highlights
Paul Veron, Director, International Union of Railways
Sponsor and Exhibitor highlights
Toomas Ilves, ex-President of Estonia on regulation, security and hacking
Public and Stakeholder Participation in Transport: Highlights
Raj Rao, Ford Smart Mobility LLC
Connectivity for a global economy and inclusive societies
Opening Plenary Governance of transport in the global digital economy: Highlights
Day 3 Highlights
Rob McInerney, iRAP and José Viegas, ITF
Urban access for better mobility
Alain Flausch, UITP
Roger Cox, Mobile Market Monitor
From Global Dialogue to Local Action
Decarbonising Transport: Highlights
Seleta Reynolds, LA Dept of Transportation
Regulation for innovation
Public private co-operation for data sharing: Highlights
Vivian Kiousi, TransformingTransport
Anders Kellström Volvo interview
ITF Outlook: Transport scenarios to 2050: Highlights
Fritz Lehman, SAS
Governance of major passenger transport hubs: Highlights
Mac Urata interview
Rok Krokel, Dekra
Abdullah Al Katheeri, UAE on new membership
Pim Van Ballekom, European Investment Bank
Bryant Walker Smith, University of South Carolina
José Viegas on driverless technology
Governance of gateways and corridors: Highlights
Day 2 Highlights
Adrian Ulisse, Inrix
Diane Davis, Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Christian Labrot on driverless trucks
Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General
Plenary: Better governance for investment: Highlights
Claude Van Rooten, PIARC
New business models in transport: Highlights
Jochen Eickholt, CEO Siemens Mobility
UN Sustainable Development Goals: Highlights
Florent Laroche, Young Researcher of the Year
Thomas Moser, Daimler AG
Scott Streiner, Canadian Transportation Agency
Jacob Bangsgaard, ERTICO
Laurent Troger, Bombardier Transportation
Miller Crockart, PTV Group
Burkhard Jung, Mayor of Leipzig
Ole Birk Olesen, Denmark
Stefan Maurer, Mercedes Benz
Open Ministerial: Highlights
Nico Anten, Connekt
Plenary Governance of urban access and mobility: Highlights
Sarah Hunter, Head of Public Policy, X
Madeline Zhu, WhereIsMyTransport
James Nganga, Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority
Thomas Moser on Daimler Prototypes
Madeline Zhu, Promising Innovation Award recipient
Michael Cramer MEP
Infrastructure for tomorrow’s mobility needs
Day 1 Highlights