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Tunisia Ministère du Transport

The Ministry of Transport's mission is to establish, maintain and develop a comprehensive, integrated and coordinated transport system that contributes to the promotion of economic development and sustainable social security. It ensures the transport needs of the public are met, under the best conditions  particularly in terms of safety, security, cost, quality and protection of the environment.

It is responsible for defining the general policy, plans and programs in all areas of transport, monitoring their implementation and carrying out sectorial research and foresight studies and legislative and regulatory reforms for the development and modernization of the land transport system , Maritime, aviation, logistics, and meteorology, as part of a multispectral national strategy.

28 public enterprises operating in the air, maritime and terrestrial transport sectors are under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport and contribute to the implementation of the State in all fields of transport, as well as in exporting their expertise and know-how.