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Christophe Sapet


Christophe Sapet is responsible for managing the operations of Navya worldwide. As a leader of Navya, he has assembled an operational team that has deployed more than 30 vehicles worldwide and transported more than 100K passengers to date. In 2014, Christophe, along with Bruno Bonnell and the Robolution Capital Investment Fund, acquires Navya (formerly known as Induct). One year after its reorganization, Navya has a fully functional vehicle on the market and employs more than 100 engineers and innovators after two years of operation. Christophe’s career as a digital and automotive entrepreneur begins in 1983 as a co-founder Infogrames Entertainment, a video-game developing company, that later goes on to acquire the naming rights to the iconic Atari in 2001, subsequently renaming itself to Infogrames/Atari. A father of five, he holds a degree in Engineering from Chimie Paris Tech, and an MBA from EM Lyon. In his leisure time, he enjoys participating in racing competitions such as the Monte Carlo Rally and the Tour de Corse.